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Explore our hardware repository for a wide range of off-the-shelf products, pre-built hardware, and reusable frameworks for generic industry problems.

Elecbits Hardware Arcade

What is Elecbits Harware Arcade?

Hardware product development and manufacturing is a complex, capital-intensive, and time-consuming process for organizations of all sizes. Elecbits Hardware Arcade is an exhaustive repository of fully customizable, ready-to-use, production-grade sensor modules, IoT gateways, and other smart IoT devices.

We have identified some of the most hard-hitting problems and use cases across industries like EV, Industrial IoT, Smart Homes, Pharma, Cold Chain, Logistics, etc., and developed mass manufacturable hardware solutions to solve them.

Cut down on development time and money to launch faster, with confidence using the Elecbits Hardware Arcade.

How it Works?

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1. Apply filters to find the ideal hardware

Use filters like protocols, internet connectivity, battery backup, industry, etc., to find the perfect hardware to suit your needs, just like you shop online.

2. Get instant quotes and lead time

Discover quantity-wise costing and lead times for your hardware at the click of a button.

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Elecbits Hardware Arcade Image 2

3. Get blazing fast hassle-free delivery

Place an order online and get the assembled hardware delivered in as less as a week’s time.

Benefits 🚀

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Save on R&D time

Every washing machine uses more or less the same components. We offer core building blocks of the common components in various industries, like BMS, which can be used in smart power banks, and beefed-up versions that can be used in EVs. You can also add features if you want, as long as it's practically viable. We also got pre-built sensor nodes and base stations, which can be used as-is or can be modified to fit the needs. We also got our own, made-in-India, Raspberry Pi-like single-board computer.

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Production Grade
Quality Assured

Everything you see in this department has already undergone several levels of development, been tested for a wide range of operating environments, and subjected to the most random of variables to ensure the highest reliability. We have committed and learned from many mistakes already, so you don’t have to. Our platform will do the rest. Just select the modules and let us know how you want them packaged. From integration to production, we cover it all.

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Save on R&D cost

Well, this is a bit of a no-brainer. Whether you’re a techie or not, we all know how painstaking developing a product is, burning holes through resources and finances just for the probability of reaching somewhere. Sometimes you do make progress, sometimes you don t. Then there’s time again. Choosing our modules gives you access to a tried and tested method, saving both time and money, and reaching the product stage a lot faster.

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Doing it right,

A hardware arcade is not just a marketplace; it is also a dedicated forum, focused on various hardware modules. Reporting and improving the design, pointing out flaws and limitations, are solutions to the same. This helps you to understand the module before purchasing or licensing it, and it also gets your problem to the masses to solve it in case you encounter one.