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An all-in-one next-gen platform packed with everything you need to launch your IOT / Electronics product.

Elecbits is democratizing IOT/Electronics hardware production for hardware startups, MNCs, government and individuals all around the globe with our all-new digital platform designed with keeping in mind all the difficulties faced by visionaries, developers and engineering teams in the entire IOT/Electronics life-cycle .

World'd First Digital Manufacturing Platform

Saves valuable time, money and resources.

Here's how Elecbits can benefit your business

Cross-functional tools

Complete IOT Life-Cycle in 30 Mins.

From ideation to the shelf ready product, we've build a completely digital system where you select industry wise compute modules or customize existing compute modules to design your hardware, firmware, cloud sytems and enclosures and move ahead with mass production, certifications and launch of your product in less than 30 minutes.

Multiple vendors at multiple stages

Get quotations and select factories in seconds.

Once your MVP is ready or if you already have the manufacturies raw files, you can directly jump to the manufacturing segment where you can get quotations from factories within a click of a button covering all the aspects from fabrication, assembly, enclosure and retail packaging.

Get Experts Consultation.

Virtual team for a physical product.

Consult and hire global industrial experts for designing hardware, firmware, cloud system, mobile applications and enclosures to minimize cost and optimize timeline for a quality assured product which is ready for mass manufacturing, assembly and certification.

Get paid before you pay.

Financial Modelling and Lifecycle Optimization

Get accurate costs and timeline estimations and costing parameters with transparent engagement models. Our platform helps you know the breakeven points and the right way to manage capital and revenue for excellent ROI.

Platform Brillance

Built for faster, cost-effective, and scalable production

Our platform lets you bring your ideas to life by providing a single point solution starting from development to mass production. Our platform helps you design manufacturing ready PCBs, deliver accelerated timelines to production with thousands of vendors/factories for each step in the IoT lifecycle.

Industry Solutions

The perfect platform for any IOT/ Electronics product.

Shelf Ready Products.

Beautifully designed, Easy to Install IOT Products.

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