Elecbits was built with a mission to democratize and digitize Electronics development and manufacturing in India, for the world.

We made hundreds of zero-board PCBs and blew many ICs and components.

We soldered tens of devices when no one would assemble smaller quantities.

We have lived with the blame of our devices not working after deployment.

We clenched our fists when in a world of cool SaaS unicorns, we were looked down upon as hardware entrepreneurs.

We have lived the chaos - right from an idea to scaling a hardware product - many times and gotten better each time and have seen many fail during the journey.

And we want to end it now.

We decided to build Elecbits, a simple, reliable, and scalable platform that made the entire Electronics development and manufacturing lifecycle as easy as ordering 🍕 online.

Investors and Advisors 🤝

Team Elecbits 🚀

Elecbits-Team-Saurav Kumar

Saurav Kumar

Co Founder, CEO

Elecbits-Team-Nikhil Rawat

Nikhil Rawat

Co Founder, COO


Mahendra Mehra

Vice President

Elecbits-Team-Kunal Karir

Kunal Karir

Vice President

Elecbits-Team-Gulshan Sharma

Gulshan Sharma

Assistant Vice

Elecbits-Team-Sarthak Jain

Sarthak Jain

Assistant Vice

Elecbits-Team-Shubhendra P. Singh

Shubhendra P. Singh

Head of Research And Development - Firmware

Elecbits-Team-Raja Gupta

Raja Gupta

Head of research and development - Hardware

Elecbits-Team-Anil Gyakwad

Anil Gayakwad

Embedded Developer

Elecbits-Team-Mohd. Akram Khan

Mohd. Akram Khan

Vendor Manager

Elecbits-Team-Amitabh Gogoi

Amitabh Gogoi

Embedded Developer

Elecbits-Team-Devansh Sharma

Devansh Sharma

Business Development

Elecbits-Team-Stuti Gupta

Stuti Gupta

Manufacturing Head

Elecbits-Team-Surender Anand

Surender Singh Tanwar

Chief Evangelist & Vendor Manager

Elecbits-Team-Shivam Gavandi

Shivam Gavandi

Web Developer

Elecbits-Team-Gaurav Sawariya

Gaurav Sawariya

Web Developer

Elecbits-Team-Shreya Jindal

Shreya Jindal

UI UX Designer

Elecbits-Team-Khyati Wadhwani

Khyati Wadhwani

HR & Project Manager


Syed Shigarf Mashaam

Embedded System

Elecbits-Team-Adil Sultan

Adil Sultan

Operations Manager



Project Manager

Elecbits-Team-Hardhik Pendurthi

Hardhik Pendurthi

Hardware Developer

Elecbits-Team-Tanu Sundesha

Tanu Sundesha

Firmware Developer

Elecbits-Team-Divyansh Garg

Divyansh Garg

Operations Manager

Elecbits-Team-Aryan Shinde

Aryan Shinde

Web Developer

Elecbits-Team-Ayushya Ujjwal

Ayushya Ujjwal

Project Manager

Elecbits-Team-Harsh Saini

Harsh Saini

Product Manager

Elecbits-Team-Saharsh Samir

Saharsh Samir

Full Stack Web Developer

Elecbits-Team-Amarjeet Kumar

Amarjeet Kumar

3D Design Engineer

Elecbits-Team-Sanjay Yadav

Sanjay Yadav

Embedded Full Stack Developer