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Hardware is Hard, We Make it Easy!

From India's largest auto manufacturer to young, innovative startups, Elecbits has enabled it's clients to launch IoT products just like you shop online.


Next Gen Smart Security Devices

Long Range
Sensors and edge gateway having a range of more than 1km in line of sight
AI powered Edge Gateway
Sensors and edge gateway having a range of more than 1km in line of sight
Long Lasting Battery
All the sensors are wireless and have a battery life of more than 10 - 12 months
Easy to setup and use
Sensors and edge gateway having a range of more than 1km in line of sight

Electronic Honking Analyser

Upto 1ms Precision
Device stores honking patterns with precision of up to 1 milliseconds
Water & Dust Proof
Device enclosure has IP67 rating making it dust, water proof
Long Lasting Battery
Each device lasts long and has a year long battery life
Quick Setup
Can be retrofitted inside any car and takes 5 mins to setup


4G Powered
Live camera streaming from anywhere, anytime
Live Cam Streaming
On board camera module enables LIVE camera streaming on the go
Live Location
With camera streaming, get live GPS location on app
Long Battery Life
Single charge enables 8-12 hours of battery life

Our platform has brought these products to life...

Edge gateway having a long battery life with wireless sensors, a pet tracker for your beloved dog, tiny battery powered GSM based intrusion detector, Smart Feeding system for your aquarium and a whole lot more....

GSM Based Intrusion Detector.  An ATmega 328p powered GSM based gateway with an onboard PIR sensor to trigger instant phone calls and SMS when motion is detected having a 8-12 months battery life.
Smart Feeder for Aquarium.  ESP32 based gateway communicating with wireless sensors using NRF used to schedule and control the doses fed to an aquarium.
Gear Indicator for 2 Wheelers.  An in-house product born out of sheer necessity and problem faced by our team members: Most bikes do not have a gear indicator. Solution: A small ATmega 328p based device with an LED strip indicating the current gear.
Elecbits OS Powered Compute Modules.  EB OS based multi purpose compute modules for development of 4G Dashcams and Smart Security IP cameras

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