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A tech-enabled, smart platform helping hardware enterprises and startups to go from an idea to mass manufacturing at a 10X easier and faster rate.

Elecbits Platform is trusted πŸ™Œ by organizations of all sizes ranging from large enterprises to fast-growing startups.

Blitzscale ⚑ your Electronics lifecycle with the Elecbits Platform

Electronics Manufacturing is highly complex and fragmented. Elecbits Platform helps you streamline and digitize your manufacturing enabling high-quality production and making it 10x faster and easier.

πŸ›©οΈ 10+ Microservices to cater to your development and manufacturing needs.

Elecbits is the AWS for Electronics hardware. A single platform to cater to all your development and manufacturing-related needs.


🌎 Compare instant online quotes from 3000+ global manufacturing partners and suppliers.

Get access to our fully vetted network of manufacturing partners and suppliers. We’ve spent years building a relationship with them so that you don’t have to. This geo-diverse network provides choice & resilience enabling faster scaling up with quality.

βŒ› Get real-time updates and track your order every step of the way.

No more calling and waiting for emails to get updates on your project. Collaborate with team members, discover verified vendors, place your order, track your shipments, and much more on the Elecbits Platform.


Explore the Microservices πŸ”¦

From Ideation to taking you to a shelf-ready product, we offer 25+ services for you to choose from. Pick only the ones that you need for your project.


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Elecbits DigiSMT

PCB Assembly Simplified, Forever

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Elecbits 3D Colloseum

PCBs PCBs Everywhere


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Elecbits Virtual Manager

Your Virtual Project Manager

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Elecbits Certification Guru

Hassle Free Certification Manager

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Elecbits xLabs

Where Magic Happens

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Elecbits Consult an Expert

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