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Elecbits PCB Febricator

What is Elecbits PCB Fabricator?

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Elecbits PCB Fabricator is the easiest, fastest, and most economical way to fabricate PCBs for your hardware project. With the capability to manufacture PCBs of up to 36 layers, we let you build the product of your vision in a hassle-free and digital manner. The Elecbits PCB Fabricator can be used for smaller quantities to test PCB designs quickly or by enterprises looking for mass production of their hardware.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring every PCB fabricated through the Elecbits Platform meets your quality expectations. Our production processes are continuously monitored ensuring that our products are on par with international manufacturing standards.

How it Works?

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1. Upload your Gerber file

As soon as you upload your Gerber file, our platform immediately analyses the file for manufacturability and notifies you of any common design-related issues to ensure scalable manufacturing.

2. Get instant quotes

Our platform algorithm efficiently gathers and proposes you quotes from our global manufacturing partners based on factors such as lead time, factory location, manufacturing expertise, and production capacity. Communicate your requirements and get instant quotations from our global manufacturing partners. With us, it is completely hassle-free to compare quotes and choose what meets your budget and timeline.

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3. Get PCBs delivered at lightning speed

Once an order is placed, our platform ensures that the PCBs are manufactured timely with strict quality control, shipped on time, customs are handled efficiently and you get on or before time delivery. Be it a sample board or a huge production run, we provide competitive lead times on all orders and make sure that all orders placed are delivered safely on time.